September 07, 2011

In a couple weeks bri and I will shipping Mr. Dukers off to his favorite pet resort and packing the old truck full our trusty photography gadgets. We’ll hit the road running as we make our way up the central coast to Moss Beach, just south of San Francisco. Ahhh – San Fran, our second most favoritest city, next to San Diego of course.

This Wedding is going to be full of fun and even surprises. From lawn games, to a gourmet food truck, and even a wild surprise for all the guests. We’ve shot a few weddings in our time, but this surprise is even going to blow our minds! Is your interest peaked or what?

This might be our first invitation post, but as you see below we simply had to share these. Designed by a local San Diego company called Posh Paperie. What a fun and unique design. And knowing a few of the wedding details, they fit perfectly with the theme. Oh another vendor worth mentioning now is Paxton Gate. You’ll know why after the event. Let’s just say we’re beyond stoked to see this place in person.

We can’t wait to be sitting in the city at a wonderful little cafe Sunday morning, enjoying a few bites while editing all the amazing imagery we’ll capture on their special day. See you guys soon!