August 27, 2010

This past Sunday morning Bri and I got the chance to take past in a run / walk for Athletes the Quality of Life (AQL). AQL is the brainchild of Vince Alvarez of Health Fitness Advisor. Vince has been in the Health Industry for many many years working as registered dietitian for Scripps, Sharp, and Kaiser Medical Centers as well as a public speaker for some of San Diego’s largest companies like Sea World, L3, SDGE, San Diego Zoo, etc….

He formed AQL to help raise awareness for local smaller charities that often get overlooked because of their smaller size, but like this Sunday’s Non-Profit of choice, Elder Help, are by no mean less important. Elder Help is doing amazing things for our elderly community. For people like our own grandparents, but who may not have the family or income support. Who couldn’t resist to help out with a cause like this. Please, take a second to click through and see what they’re up to how you can help!

AQL’s goal is to help bring money and awareness to groups like this through smaller and less expensive organized events. With as little as a $2 donation you’re able to start your Sunday morning with an amazing group of people, learn awareness about very important local organizations, win prizes, and just feel good about doing something special. Familys, kids, dogs, walkers, runners, sprinters, everyone is invited! If you’d like to be in the loop contact Vince and let him know your interested!

Local sponsors of the event included: Vons, Starbucks, Z Pizza, Laces, Trader Joe’s, and Henry’s.