April 22, 2010

Easter weekend was spent with the Matthews’ Crew in Balboa Park. It has been a year since we last got to play around with the kids and yes, time flies!! We met up in the parking lot and within seconds Liam was out of the car armed with his bubble gun and mini Ray Ban Aviators, ready to protect his lil sis who was bundled up in this awesome fuzzy yellow and black striped jacket and a hot pink tutu, not to be missed!! They, as with all kids, were loaded with energy and personality and were so much fun. Izzy was convinced there were dinosaurs behind the roll up doors when the organ was being played and tried so hard to get a glimpse. super cute. But like I said, Liam was armed and ready for any dinosaur hiding out in the park.


(wait for the above animation to load, otherwise it’s a really crappy image. :)

Can’t wait for Number 3 on the way early this summer. Congratulations guys!!