April 08, 2010

Okay – Bri has no idea I’m posting this, but since we’re gonna be off the grid for the next week or so, I just had too. (: She recently spent the morning shooting the Matthews’ Family at Balboa Park and this is one of the images I fell in love with instantly. Meet Liam, he’s an awesome little dude with more character than any single rugrat deserves. His focus on this bubble kills me! But, wait until you see his little sister and her favorite hot pink tutu dancing all over the park! Stay tuned….

Btw: I’ve been testing Photoshop CS5 (White Rabbit) for a few months now and it is out of this world! There are a few features that are gonna make our lives so much easier. I can’t say too much (without a really big dude from Adobe showing up on my doorstep and dumping me in a river) but this short little video might.