March 16, 2010

Bri and I love Destination Weddings, with this event being no exception! Not only for the obvious amazing scenery, but also because they are always ultra-fast paced and packed with more excitement than you can shake a polaroid at!

But most importantly congratulations to Paul and Julie for getting hitched and thank you inviting us down to capture the celebration. I’m always a sucker for a great love story and Julie and Paul were no exception. We hadn’t heard their story of why they chose San Jose to be wed, but it is an amazing one. I’ll have to let them tell share it with you…

Wow! These families sure know how to have fun! Especially, the late night game, which I’m still a trying to figure out the rules. What friend, what friend, is better than a whose friend???!!  UGhh. I’ll guess I’ll just have to review the hours of video we took and get back to you. ;)