March 30, 2010

Meet Michele and Joe, they’re the type of people who would have fit perfectly the era of suspenders, pearls, Ford Coupes, and sepia tones. (Since, the world was only black and white before color TV arrived, right?) Joe Hamilton is a fellow photographer, so I knew we’d be doing a lot more than a typical day at the park. And boy did they pull out all the stops! From vintage cameras, genuine clothing of the era, to a fully restored ford that would have made my Dad drool. Oh yea, and someone’s beautiful old home, I’m still not sure how they pulled that off.

A special thanks to an amazing stylist and friend, Laura R, for making the hair outrageously awesome (and last through the entire shoot!)

Enjoy the photos and check out the bloopers near the end, you didn’t think these two were always serious did you?!