October 28, 2009

If any of you’ve seen the movie Brother’s Bloom I’ll start by saying, “Great movie!” and I believe I understand the character of Penelope. Haven’t seen the movie? Well, in the movie Penelope is a very well off loner who spends her life collecting hobbies. While I am neither female nor independently wealthy, but I realized I also collect hobbies! Although, I don’t think I’ll ever learn to juggle chain saws atop a unicycle….

Introducing another hobby of mine, Basswood Brewing Company. Wahoo! We’re starting a brewery! Along with my beer partner Marcus we figured we drink it, we’re pretty good at making it, so why not start our own brewery?

Here’s one of my recent flyer designs from an event we helped host at confidential in downtown San Diego:


With close to 500 rsvp’s, it was the Wednesday night party you didn’t want to miss.