February 10, 2009

Oh where, oh where has Christopher gone?
With all this rain you’d think I would a blog’n fool!

Let me quickly explain. There is this girl named Bri, who oddly enough sleeps smack dab right next to……. her cat….next… to me?! Hum. That’s a whole other posting topic I choose not to get into today! Then, there is our wonderful friend Holly. And for those of you who know us, will agree, when you get Bri and Holly together what you end up with is the perfect storm of food obsession!

These two are destine to create something grand! It’s unavoidable, it’s as if all the energy in the universe is drawing them in and demanding nothing less than greatness. Believe me, I’ve seen it first hand or at least looking over the shoulder of her cat.
This food obsession has finally culminated in a new venture between the two and they call it Honey and Bee. Pretty cool, huh!
Which is where I’ve been lately, pounding on these keys and chasing this mouse all over my office trying to whip up some food loving graphic goodness for my girls. So, it might be a little early to share, but heck we’re all friends, so why the heck not!
Well anyway, without fuuuuurther aaadooo, please check out Bri and Holly’s newest company called:

Honey and Bee Blog