January 12, 2009

What a crazy day!

Vince and I started out with a 50 mile ride up the Pacific Coast Highway to Oceanside and back. Okay- now I know that might sound crazy in itself, but after all we are training for our 100 mile ride in February!

Then, if that wasn’t enough exercise, our good friend Becky sends me a text about some crazy moon tonight. For some strange reason it sounds great to me to then go hike Iron Mountain? I knew I had about an hour to scramble my noodle legs to the top of this 2,700ft high mountain with my 30lbs of photo gear on my back. So with a chuckle and shake of her head Bri wished her dumb@ss husband a happy safe hike.

After running into some good friends and dealing with the lactic acid geysers erupting in my quads, I finally made it to the top! I was just in time to set up and fire off the first shot of the moon cresting. But then I started to notice this warm glow behind me? Because of the crazy Santa Ana winds, I was also blessed with a magical fire glow of a sunset! As you can imagine a sunset and a sunrise, two completely different camera setups, happening at the exact same time! These are times you wished you had brought that extra camera. Needless to say I think I found a few great shots. Once the cold and night set in I decided it was time to venture backdown.

I was surprised at how many people climb that mountain at night.
A word of advice for anyone though, TAKE A HEADLAMP! Glad I did! :) With the headlamp I was able to jog most of the way down and thank goodness, I needed a shower and was craving a Mahi Burrito real bad! It had been fun (long) day……

As for the photos, very little photochopping except for a little curves action:
The 3rd shot is of the moon with a 30sec shutter. It was crazy bright! Checkout the lens flare!
The 4th is an HDR image(5 consecutive images shot with an array of exposure steps of 1-2, -1, 0, 1, 2). Blended and tone-mapped.